About Natalie

Hi, I'm Natalie, crazy mother of 2 boys (Mike & Ike) and wife to yet another boy. I started this blog to have an outlet for my emotions about dealing with two children with a Sensory Integration Disorder. Since that time both of my boys have been diagnosed with PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental delay-not otherwise specified). This is a very long name for a diagnosis that they don't have a lot of answers about. It is basically a mild form of Autism. I live in Massachusetts and have had a fantastic experience with our school district in getting the help my children needed. Yes I know, this doesn't happen all that often. Most of the time it is a knock-out drag-down fight to get what your child needs! Each day with my children brings new challenges and more understanding into their diagnosis. I love to hear about other peoples challenges in raising a child with special needs because it strengthens my resolve to do more for my children. I hope that by reading this blog you can feel a support and knowledge that no matter what you struggle with as a parent there are others that are struggling right there with you. The point is to not stop fighting for our children.