Monday, February 7, 2011

On the Flip Side

by LeMira

I have spent so much time talking about the struggles that my son and I deal with lately that I realized that I haven't shared with you the amazing things he does.  This post is dedicated to my very talented son.

Did you know that my son is a walking calendar?  He remembers dates better than anyone.  He can remember what day last year we got our trampoline (April 24), and I'm certain he could remember what day of the week that was.   He'll remember your birthday better than you will.  I'll never be able to lie about my age with him around, ever.    I should just post my entire extended family birthday dates and see how quickly he can memorize it.

Did you know that my son can remember music very well?  While he struggles with singing in groups, he doesn't forget the music.  He can even make sound effects very well with his throat.  Maybe one day he'll be in an a cappella group.  He also knows the entire Pledge of Allegiance (known it since he was 3 1/2) and can sing the National Anthem all the way through.

Did you know that my kid can make just about anyone smile?  He loves to tell jokes and share stories.  He wants to be your friend, and it bothers him when he's hurt a person's feelings.

Did you know that my son has been able to count beyond one hundred for over a year and a half?  Did you know that he can tell time down to the minute, and he's only in Kindergarten/first grade?!! 

In the video below is another example of what "autism" can do.  While it can be very difficult to live and deal with, it brings some amazing abilities.  The key is to recognize and enhance them.

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Ruth Ann said...

That video was Great! It is truly amazing to hear about the special talents that certain people have. I enjoyed reading about J.R.'s talents!