Monday, March 14, 2011

A House Full

Sometimes the best way to teach normal social behavior is to have a family with six children move into your house for three weeks!  Okay, so that wasn't really planned, but it's amazing to see how J.R. has changed in some ways. 

Of course, he does have his moments of being overwhelmed, but we try to keep his morning and evening routines as normal as possible.  Keeping to his school schedule helps, but last week he didn't have school for three days.  The key was to create a routine, and we sort of did.  Each night we did the same things with the kids.  Each morning, Jackson is up a lot earlier than the other kids, and that really helps.  He and I are able to focus on what he needs to do each morning to get ready. 

The best part of this is that my son loves other kids.  He wants to play with them.  He loves them, even though it's been tough to share everything, and yet I'm completely amazed at how well he's handled everything. 

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